Can't get Airport to recognize password

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    Jul 7, 2009

    I'm new to forums, and really need help. I want to hand over an old iBook G3 900MHz running MAC OSX 10.2.8 to my brother. I have a Powerbook G4, which I love. I've installed an Airport card as he was hoping to use it wirelessly however, it will not accept my routers password although I know it's right. Its a Netgear provided through SKY. Does the operating system need updating?
    The guide which came with the SKY Broadband says "Your computer may ask you whether you are connecting through WPA or WEP security protocol. Choose WPA-PSK."
    Any clues anybody please?
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    Sep 28, 2008
    If you don't have the option to choose WPA/WPA2 as your encryption scheme, you need to download an Airport driver update from

    I don't remember where I found mine but it added both those functions to my iBook G4's 802.11b/g (Airport Extreme) add-on card. It may have even been in the Software Update application..hmm

    The Airport card (older card, 802.11b only) may not even support WPA/WPA2, in which case you're SOL for using it with any modern access point running acceptable levels of network encryption. You can find these details in a user guide for the WiFi card.

    Alternatively, since it's an older card, it may require that you set the login pw for the network in a hex format/length, like an older 64/128-bit WEP key, either followed or proceeded (I always forget which way it goes) with a $ sign when you enter the password, but not actually in the password.

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