cant get back to my mac to work for screensharing

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    Oct 26, 2012
    what makes it far more annoying is the other computer is at the other end of town and so a pain to go to, try to change things, then come back to check.

    basically i need access to a screen attached to a mac mini in a hotel at the other side of town, to update information on the CMS. the mac mini is attached to fairly spotty wifi, which makes it harder as i have to wait til late evening for the wifi even to be fast enough to try to connect.

    originally i tried teamviewer but the problem is when you quit it puts up the 'thanks' box, which isnt the best idea on a display screen.

    so tried back to my mac. when i was up there i logged in as my icloud account, turned on back to my mac, made sure screen sharing was turned on. it did give me a warning about ports and how without changing setting in the router to have PnP it might be slow. i definitely saw a tick box somewhere which said 'let anyone control this screen'

    when i go in to my imac, i can see the shared computer in my finder. i can click on it, then click on share screen. when i do so, it asks for a user name and password. sorry if im being thick here, but what am i sticking in here? ive tried my icloud user name and password but no joy.
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    Dec 22, 2009
    You need to login to a user on the other machine. So enter a username and password of one of the users on that machine. In the screen sharing settings on the machine you can see which users are allowed to share the screen.

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