Cant get FrontRow to recognize any media

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by JBot, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Jan 9, 2006
    I recently set up an old PowerMac as my media center just to run Front Row on my tv to watch movies. However i have run into some random problems which i feel stupid having to come ask the forum for help about, but i just cant seem to figure it out.
    So i have my movies residing on my internal drive, and specifically moved a couple directly into the User/Movies folder just to see if i could get it working. I used the "SetFile -t "MooV" /path/to/movie.avi" command to add the file type meta data onto the file so i could add my avi files into itunes. I want to be able to add covers/descriptions to the files so when im browsing them in FrontRow i can see the info. I got the movies to successfully go into itunes and i am able to play movies and see a list of them in an itunes playlist, however when i open FrontRow i am unable to see the movies. It just says front row cant find any media.
    This is the same for my music, i imported all my music into itunes and its all saved on the User/Music folder, but when i click on music in frontrow is says it cant find anything.
    Thats problem 1.
    Problem 2 is editing the info in itunes. Once i get the movies into itunes and click to edit the info, it doesnt seem to save any of the data i add. I add a cover to the file and click apply, then when i reopen the file info the cover that i just loaded isnt there anymore. It never appears as the coverflow icon in itunes either, it always just shows the beginning clip of the movie. I got the demo version of VideoDrive so i could try changing the info that way, and it seems to work in itunes (the cover as well as the description all show up) but when i view the files in front row, again none of that shows up.

    Ive looked at using centerstage but i would rather get front row working. ive read that it might have something to do with having the movies/music drives shared, so i turned that off. hopefully someone can help? i have faith in you guys. thanks.
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    Make sure your iTunes, QuickTime and Front Row are all up to date. I had a similar problem after the last iTunes update as you're having with Front Row, and puzzled over it for a couple of hours, until I ran software update and realized that I had omitted the Front Row update.

    As for info in iTunes, are you sure you have permission to edit the files?

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