Cant get iphone 3gs to recognise at all

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    Just been given an iphone 3gs and installed itunes 10.7 on my windows computer. Cant get the iphone to recognise at all , when i insert the usb cable i get the beeps but doesnt show at all. Cant get into dfu mode , tried loads of times and tried getting it into restore and no joy.

    It says on the screen the following when i turn the phone on..

    No Sim card installed...Insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate phone

    It has the itunes logo on aswell and the uisb lead picture below the icon.

    Any idea?



    Also , it shows the imei number but it says ICCID unknown

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    The ICCID is the SIM card number. It sounds like it might need a SIM before you can do anything further with it. If that's not the issue, then you might find a solution in the Apple Support article below:

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