Can't get past the activation screen on iPhone 3GS

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Hi, whilst living in Spain I purchased an iPhone 3GS Contract with Telephonica / Movistar. I have since moved Back to the UK and got an O2 pay as you go Sim. To use this I got a friend to jailbreak the phone (i have no technical ability what so ever). Due to problems I was having with some of my apps not working I was advised to reset the phone manually by going into the settings. Once I did this my phone would not get past the apple logo.

    I was told that in order to use my phone normally It would be best to unlock it from the carrier (Telefonica / Movistar). I used a site called After a couple of days they sent me an email informing me that the phone was now unlocked along with confirmation supplied by the carrier.

    It gave me instruction on how to get it working with the new sim but unfortunetly its still not working, I am still getting the Not Activated screen and the No Sim message in iTunes.

    If anybody can help I would really appreciate it as I have had no phone for over 1 week.

    Please Help

    Daniela x
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    Try a restore again.
    If its still wont activate with any gsm sim then its not unlocked. You will need to contact that site that claims they unlocked it for you.

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