Can't Get Rid of Angry Birds Update


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Aug 13, 2007
Ever since i updated to lion, I am getting an update for angry birds even though I don't have it on my system and never bought it. It updates my app just fine though, just not this one. I get this error, that is not my email address.



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Jul 20, 2011
Same problem

I have exactly the same problem, however it was happening while I was still on Snow Leopard and still appears even after updating to Lion.
Any help would be great. Thanks


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May 12, 2010
angry birds

It is a sign that you got some apps purchased not throught the app store
and under a different account- it might as well having some pirated apps installed would be showing as Angry Birds even if Angry birds is not installed.
Then the app store would ask to sign in with a never seen before email address etc. There is documentation of this problem in the internet.
Just ditch your pirated copy of FCP X in the trash and the problem will be solved apparently. :cool:
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