Can't get target mac to show as device

Discussion in 'macOS' started by trk3263, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Nov 5, 2007
    Ok so like an a$$ I kept putting off getting a larger backup drive (I blame the wife) so I did not have a good backup of my system. My internal hd has taken a dump and I can no longer boot to it but I am able to access it by booting from an external drive. Of course with this problem I now bought a 2TB external hd that is USB3.0 but I only have USB 2.0 on my iMac and MBP.

    So to get to my problem: I want to get some data off of my internal drive to save some family pictures and anything else I can get. I have tried DiskWarrior and it can't repair the disk and just tells me to backup ASAP. I also tried SuperDuper! To clone the drive but after 6 hours and still over 100000+ files to verify and not even start copying I have up on it. I figure I can transfer just the photos faster rather than the whole drive like SuperDuper! Does.

    So I am currently transferring my photos going directly from my iMac to MBP with a cat5. I would like to use my Firewire 800 cable but for some reason I can't get the target computer to show up on the host?

    Bad HD is in my iMac and I am trying to transfer the files to MBP. I have at least 30gb of data that I need transferred and about another 200gb if possible.

    My iMac originally had Snow Leopard on it and my MBP has Leopard on it. However I am currently running just Leopard on both machines right now because of using my external hd to run my iMac. If need be I can put snow leopard back on my iMac but my MBP is to old to put snow leopard on it. It is a 2008 MBP intel core2.

    I have tried everything I could find but unable to get the target to show on either machine. I tried using both machines as target/host with not luck.

    Couldn't bad hd be causing problems that I can't use the FireWire 800?

    Is there anyway to connect the FireWire using terminal or not using target mode?

    Please help as I have been dealing with this for a week now and every time I think I get a solution it doesn't work. As soon as I get the data recovered I will be taking the iMac in and the HD will be replaced due to a recall.

    Thanks and sorry for such a long post.
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    When I have a bad drive, or I accidentally wiped it, I always use Data Rescue X.

    It usually has done the trick for me in the past.

    I hope you get your data back, but it's 2013, no excuse for not backing up your precious memories!
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    Get the HD out ASAP, replace the HD, then get the old HD in an external and try to recover, you only make it worse the longer you wait, and yes, if the HD if giving these problem it could prevent the Mac from using Target Disk Mode, since it is half dead.

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