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Can't install using Lion USB - get prohibitory sign (no smoking sign)

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Jun 9, 2006
New York
Posted this in the Lion section too but I thought I would see if any Airheads ;) have any thoughts too...

I'm at work and thought I would throw this out for ideas...

Working on Macbook Air 13-inch Mid-2011. It had a virus and we decided just to wipe it and reinstall Lion. We work behind a firewall with a proxy so I tried to use a Lion USB installer that I often use. When booting holding option I see the installer but as soon as I select it I get the prohibitory sign (no smoking sign).

Can't use internet recovery because of the proxies (big company, no turning them off). Now trying to make a dvd installer from a lion DMG but just wondering if anyone has ideas. I've already wiped the disk, made a new partition, and done PRAM reset.

Why am I getting the prohibitory sign? Thanks.


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Sep 8, 2011
The installer you are using predates the what the MBA shipped with. Meaning, it's not compatible.

You would need to get a version of 10.7.1 or newer and put it on a flash drive.


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Aug 11, 2011


Good luck with your project & maybe it is no big deal for a pro but I too have been bitten by the bug of having an install USB that was older then my hardware. And it was a real chore 4 me to have to go and produce a USB stick with the right ver. OS.

Also and I'm not trying to take up your time here but what virus? Didn't know there were any? Java related?
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