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    I am running into a little problem. I want to install Windows 10 on an external drive using an early 2011 Macbook Pro 15" (2.0ghz i7). When I use the bootcamp assistant application it lets me continue until I select the external USB which I formated and named Windows 10 in MS-DOS. After selecting the Windows 10 drive and clicking on continue a message stating that the USB drive cannot be used is presented. I dont know what else to do so any help is appreciated. I have searched and tried to modify info.plist so I can install from the .iso image I have on my downlaods folder but I cannot get to replace it even under my adminsitrator account and the drive is formatted.

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    Have you used Bootcamp Assistant before?
    Your screenshots show (I think) that you're trying to download the Bootcamp Support software (drivers) onto the same external drive that you're planning to install Windows 10 onto.
    If so then that can't work because that external drive is going to get formatted during the Windows installation.
    You're also going to have to install from your optical drive.
    Apple has it locked down so that MacBooks that come with optical drives can only install Windows from the optical drive.
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    Per default, Windows needs to be installed on the internal drive. Some people have managed to install it on external drives but for sure not by using the standard Boot Camp Assistant method.

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