Can't load OSX now??!!

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    So I installed Windows on a 20g partition on my macbook today, after the install, it booted to windows fine...realizing it never installed any boot camp stuff. So I am in windows now without a way to use wifi, or boot back to OSX. So I loaded up the OSX cd, and booted from that. Opened Disk Utility, and removed the partition and resized OSX to use the whole disk and restarted w/o cd. now it just hangs on a black screen, how do i get my OSX back!!??

    Thank you very much for any help.
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    Have you tried just holding the Option Key at boot to select your OS X Partition?


    Remember you should use the Boot Camp Assistant to revert the disk back to a single partition, don't just delete the partition.

    This is because when you first run the Boot Camp Assistant adds Hybrid MBR and you want to make sure everything gets put back to normal and the partition records are re-synced.

    Also never change partitions in Windows, it will cause the Hybrid MBR to become out of sync with the GUID Partition Table. Although there are tools you can use to re-sync them. rEFIt includes one called gptsync.

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