Can't login to certain websites.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Kiloka, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I just started having an issue where I can't login to certain websites. I can reach the website just fine but when I go to login it just hangs and then times out. I am able to login fine from my iphone running on the same wireless network. I've tried updating my dns, restarting, clearing firefox and safari cache(s). The strange thing is that its not all websites. I can login to reddit just fine as well as a few others. The sites that are effected are;

    Model Mayhem, Hulu, FTN and a few others.

    Anyone have any ideas for whats causing this and how I can fix it? I've also looked into my hosts file and don't see any of the effected sites in there. I've tried disableing the firewall and little snitch as well.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Apr 6, 2011
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    Can't login to certain sites

    For those that have had login issues with certain sites, I hope this helps (This glitch effected FireFox as well, for some reason it took over all browser security).
    Were we need to go is Safari’s “Preferences” & to the “Security” tab, you should see the image below.

    My problem was the “Fraudulent Sites” checked box. Turning this off (unchecking) did nothing either, (A friend had a similar issue but he was able to just turn the “Fraudulent Sites” off & all was fine) the only clue happened when it had been left unchecked a message showed up (in the area in the orange oval) saying something about “Google… not up to date…. 2 days.” well, I didn’t have Google anything installed.
    So, how to test out the theory? I have only one “User” on my computer (Just the wife & I) so I added another user with administrator level & logged in under that user & all worked fine. After deleting the first “User” the problem returned, this clamping down on “Fraudulent Sites” had migrated to the next user. The final fix turned out to be:
    1) Create new “User”.
    2) Turn off “Fraudulent Sites” in both users.
    3) Then you can delete the first “User”

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