Can't move to "my music" or play offline

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    first of all, what is the difference with these two options?

    i'm assuming the first just moves it over but you still stream the songs, and the second makes it available on your local device.

    with that said neither option do anything for me.

    Edit: I guess it just takes a while to show up in there.

    Still curious on my first question though.
  2. Otelm macrumors newbie


    Nov 18, 2013
    I guess that moving it to my music just adds the item(s) to the iCloud music library, while make available offline adds the item(s) to the iCloud music library AND makes it available offline for the selected device. (I think you already answered yourself in your post)
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    Add to "My Music" will add the song to your music library, next to any other song that you already own, i.e. it will look as if you had bought the song from iTunes or ripped it from CD. It will look like one of "your" songs. You can now add it to playlists. But for now, it will just be streamed.

    Making a song available offline will trigger a download which will pull the song to your device, after which you can listen to the song even if you're not connected to the Internet, e.g. to save your wireless data volume or to survive a flight.

    Strange though that it takes a while for you. Adding a song to "My Music" should be an immediate thing, i.e. the next time you look into your music library, you will find the song there. Making it available offline will trigger a download immediately, though you will only see that if you go to the downloads page. You can only tell which songs are available offline if you enable the "Show offline songs" option on your device (it is hidden in the menu that comes up when you click the little arrow next to "Artists" or whichever sorting option you have chosen). Then you see only music that is really on your device.
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    yes, but you can't delete the thread so I kept it open anyway...
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    Hmm, I'm having some strange behaviour on my mac. Adding any song / album etc to 'my music' will make is show up immediately on my iPhone however my music in iTunes is empty. I deleted all my 'own' iTunes music so I could start afresh with purely streaming music. I wonder if this has confused the system at all :S

    EDIT: Removing my iTunes folder and starting again has worked for me. :)

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