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    My wife has used Mail on her Mac with a Gmail address. When I went into her computer, by mistake I opened a Gmail account, so her mail now goes to that account instead of Mail. She wants her Mail account back, but my attempts to have Mail operate for her mail have failed.

    First I tried to open a Mail account in iCloud. I attach a screenshot of the account. As can be seen, the incoming mail server is greyed. In that account, she can send mail but cannot receive it. How can I insert an incoming mail server? What do I put there?

    Then I tried to open a new Mail account. I went through the process, but what opened was a Gmail mail account, not a Mail account. How do I get rid of the Gmail account and open a Mail account?

    Help will be much appreciated.

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    There's a couple of things that aren't clear about your email, and I dont have time to untangle them.

    I'm assuming that your wife already has that gmail (google) account and wants to carry on using it.

    What you've done is try to use a different email service provider's settings with her gmail account

    So on that screen you've included in the post, click the + bottom left.

    Chose google rom the list of possible email services that comes up.

    Then enter her gmail username and password when prompted and follow the onscreen instructions.

    And that's it! The only thing I would say is, going back to that list of accounts screen, select the broken account and click the - (minus) button (bottom left again) to remove it completely: it doesn't work and WILL get confusing if you leave it.
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    You don't need an incoming mail server, you should use what is already in there.

    From the top to bottom enter the following

    Email Address: Your iCloud email (ex.

    Under the Incoming Mail Server field.

    User Name: Your iCloud username (if your iCloud email was you'd enter yourname)
    Password: Your iCloud password

    That's all you really need to do.

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