Cant open apps not bought with my account

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    Dec 24, 2017
    I have the Electra JB on my iPhone 6s with iOS 11.3.0. I have installed Appsync Unified which should be compatible with 11.3.x.

    But when i install apps (.IPA files) which is not purchased with my iTunes account I can't open them on my iphone, the app opens and then closes directly.

    On my other iPhone (iPhone 6+) which is on 10.1 and has the Yalu JB i can open them without any problems directly after installing them with for example ifunbox.

    In order to be able to open the apps on the 6S I need to sideload each of these apps with Cydia Impactor or do it from inside Ext3nder, but that shouldn't be necessary though.

    So what is the problem that is causing this? Is it a Appsync problem or something else?
    I would appreciate if somebody has a solution for this problem, or at least knows what the fault is?

    Does Appsync Unified downloaded from Karen´s angelxwind repo work for you guys on iOS 11.3.0?

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