Can't print from Mac OS X to Linux Print Server

Discussion in 'macOS' started by rrpalma, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Sep 21, 2008

    I'm new to Mac OS X, but have been working with Linux for almost 9 yrs now. I have set up a Linux box with CUPS 1.3.9. I can print from the server, and from other Linux stations to that remote server. However, I can't print from a client MacBook.

    I set up CUPS on the client Mac via http://localhost:631 and created a printer associated with the remote queue / printer on Linux (the URL I use on OS X is http://mylinuxserver:631/printers/hpprinter and the driver is RAW).

    I have no problems sending a test page from the CUPS web interface on Mac OS X to the Linux server -- the test page gets printed OK. However, I can't see the printer I just defined from other Mac OS X apps, and neither can I see it from the Add Printer Dialog on System Preferences (it's empty).

    I tried creating the printer at the Add Printer dialog, but it would neither let me specify an HTTP URL (as far as I know, I had to use the IP icon on the toolbar) nor specify "RAW". So I tried creating a "dummy" printer in the Add Printer dialog, with a basic config, and then changing it from the CUPS web GUI. This didn't work either, since when I went back to the Add Printer dialog, the printer was gone.

    Any ideas? I know this should be easier ... and no, I don't intend to run SAMBA.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Jul 17, 2002
    HTTP? HTTP is a protocol for web access, not printers. You appear to be confusing the URL for the printer with the URL for the printer admin webpage on the Linux server.

    Word to the wise: HP sells a lot of printers. They are not all the same. Whenever you need help with a peripheral, it is important to state which model peripheral you are using.

    One way to setup your printer is to setup as a PostScript printer and to use the MacOS X driver for a PostScript printer (such as the LaserWriter or a Color LaserJet) to access it.

    Gutenprint includes documentation for CUPS on MacOS X. Download Gutenprint and read the documentation.
  3. rrpalma thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 21, 2008
    Problem solved

    Problem solved. It turns out that Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't listen by default to CUPS broadcasts that advertise network printers running on other CUPS servers. So, on a terminal session at the Mac, just type

    cupsctl BrowseProtocols='"cups dnssd"'

    and then all printers will show up on the Add Printers dialog. They can later (if one desires to) be modified via the local CUPS web gui.

    MisterMe: Thanks for reading. HTTP can be used as a transport for printing protocols, kind of like IPP. And I know HP sells lots of printers, and some might not be supported by Linux and/or OS X. But once a printer is supported through CUPS on one machine, there shouldn't be a problem printing to it from another machine that's also running CUPS. Again, thanks for reading.
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Well, that's pretty cool - I have an lpd printer set up through a Netgear print server and I access it with my linux box using CUPS and the lpd://ip address/queue syntax. I also accessed it with my Mac the same way, but just specified the lpd://ip address/queue in the add printer gui. My situation is different though because my print server isn't running CUPS.

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