Can't print in Safari

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by macboy4, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. macboy4 macrumors regular

    Feb 17, 2009
    Since installing Snow Leopard I've been unable to print from Safari.

    When I click File>Print no print window appears and more often than not it locks up Safari requiring a Force Quit.

    I'm not having this issue with any other apps including Firefox.

    Reinstalling Safari did not help.

    Any ideas?
  2. MisterMe macrumors G4


    Jul 17, 2002
    Install a driver for your printer, whichever printer that may be:rolleyes:
  3. macboy4 thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 17, 2009
    I don't think that's the problem. The printer works fine in all other apps. Furthermore, it's not that it gives me the option in Safari to select my printer and then it doesn't work. It just doesn't do anything. I can't print to PDF... I can't even select a different printer like in other apps.
  4. sbhatta macrumors newbie

    Oct 15, 2009
    Hi, have you resolved this issue? I am having the same problem with printing from Safari.
  5. Akuratyde macrumors regular

    Feb 7, 2011
    I had this problem as well. It seems to have been corrected in Mavericks.
  6. magilla macrumors regular

    Aug 3, 2013
    Not to resurrect a dead thread, but I've had NO problems printing while in Safari. You able to resolve your particular problem?
  7. Akuratyde macrumors regular

    Feb 7, 2011
    Yes. It's been fixed with Mavericks, hopefully the OP was able to resolve it as well.

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