Can't purchase apps on my Ipad mini

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    Mar 8, 2012
    I'm able to download updates, but when I went to purchase Triple Town for my wife, I get the message "Purchase cannot be completed. Contact the iTune store for support" followed by another message "Purchase failed. Cannot connect to iTunes Store."

    But I'm able to download free apps and even update some of the apps. I have never purchased anything before, and I just put $10 iTune card into my account, which I can see the amount next to my ID at the bottom of the page in both the iTune Store and the Apps Store, so it's there.

    I'm using an iPad mini with the latest iOS 6.0.2. It's our first Apple product, and we don't sync it to a computer or anything like that so we can't try that option to fix this purchasing apps issue.


    I just sent an email to the iTune Support, and got a funny reply. The rep wrote to me that he was able to locate my Apple ID, but not my iTune account ID and added that "they are NOT the same." When I first setup my iPad mini, I had to setup an iTune account before I could download any games or apps from the Apps Store. I use the same Apple ID then, which was my email address, and even confirmed it by clicking on the link that was sent afterwards to that email address.

    I have been downloading free apps and updating them without any issues. I wouldn't think that I can do that if I didn't have an iTune account. It asks me to sign-in everytime I try downloading an app, and it always worked. At the very bottom of the page within the App Store and iTune Store, there's my Apple ID and the amount of credit that's left. Under the iTune tab within the iPad mini's Settings menu has my Apple ID listed as well, so I don't know why this Apple Support person is telling my that I don't have an iTune account, and that is why I can't make the purchase of the Triple Town game. Yet I can download and update apps. Is there any truth to why he/she is telling me? Does anyone know why I can't complete a purchase of a game/app? Thanks.

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