Can't reboot rMBP because app is stuck open

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cww, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. cww, Jan 6, 2015
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    I'm fairly new to using Macs, got my first personal one in Nov, can't find a way to fix this issue by googling.

    When I plugged my iPhone in, iPhoto auto opened and then crashed ... and so did Unity. It took a while for the to error messages/ close app thingies to appear and the apps to close.

    However, Unity is still showing up in the force quit list, but no where else. I used this to see other ways of force quitting, and Unity only shows up in the force quit list. Selecting it and clicking force quit does nothing. I'm unable to shut down or reboot, I get the message "Your Mac hasn't restarted because "Unity" failed to quit. To continue restarting, quit "Unity"." Cancel/ Try again.

    Same error message is displayed if I try to shutdown via the power button.

    I'm running a Retina MacBook Pro on Yosamite.

    [Edit: 2 mins after posting this, it rebooted :E
    I'd still be interested in any replies though, in case this happens again, thanks.]
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    If you are unable to get the application to quit using Force Quit, you can try using Activity Monitor to see if there are other hung processes causing the system, or that application to hang.

    Once you open Activity Monitor, click View -> All Processes. If you are unable to force quit form here, you may have to force a reboot by pushing and holding the power button. Just ensure all work is saved (within running applications) before you do this.
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    Force your Mac to shut off by holding the power button (hold for 5 seconds or longer - it will shut off completely)

    Is your Unity app up-to-date? Current version is 4.6.1, according to their web site.
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    Thanks chaps, seems like I could have sorted it by holding down the power button for longer - I stopped holding it down once the message appeared on screen.

    RE: Unity - I do have the latest version, however, it's not always prudent to keep Unity up to date - as it can change so much that your game will break when they remove a dependency from an update.

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