cant receive calls with wifi on

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    Jul 16, 2008
    i think that it is my router but im not too sure. i noticed it after i got my new linksys router, but i cant receive calls or text messages with my wifi on.

    i discovered this one morning when i woke up and checked my phone and turned off my wifi to conserve battery, after i turned it off i was bombarded with text messages and voice mails.

    im on 2.0.1 and my sister is on 2.0. With wifi on, i called from my house phone to my phone and (on my house line) i hear it ring once or twice and it stops ringing, then when i hang up my house line my iphone finally receives the call and it shows the caller id for one second and hangs up leaving me with a missed call. when i turned off the wifi i got the call instantly and on my house line it rings like normal with no pause or anything.

    and then with my sisters phone, with her wifi on we were at a friends house and i called her phone from my phone and the same thing happened. she wasnt connected to my friends wireless network but after i turned her wifi off, she was able to receive calls in an instant.

    we both have 1st gen iphones and i am pretty sure we didnt have this problem before we upgraded to 2.0, i noticed it happen when we got our new router though so i am thinking it's the router but its just throwing me off because it also happened when we were outside of our network range.

    are there certain settings i need to adjust for my router? on our phones?
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