iPod touch Can't register my iPod


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Aug 2, 2009
... It's asking me my pruchase date, it was a gift. Last time I checked on the warranty(back in like September) it showed the date it was under warranty until.. Now it's like Apple updated it's "getwarranty" page and I can't see that date anymore...

What should i do?



Found out how to register it..

But still, I need to get a problem solved.

My ipod wifi stopped working, it says "no wifi" and is "ghosted" out in the settings menu. I think APL care would fix this.. BUT... The glass is cracked(bottom right corner) It broke from having the ipod flop down on the table(act like it was a closing laptop, understand?)

Would they still fix the wifi problem?



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Oct 14, 2008
Midlands, UK
I doubt they'll replace it due to the fact it has a crack in it.
I would honestly be suprised if they helped you at all due to the fact it probably looks like its been dropped which could have damaged the wifi antenna or something.

All you can do really is go there and see what they say.
Failing that just pay to have the glass repaired and then take it back to apple.
Beats paying for a whole new iPod.

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