Cant restore backup on iphone 4s after ios7 upgrade, password required?

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    Hi Guys,
    Can anyone help please. I am unable to restore the backup as it now prompts for a password i can't remember.

    Decided to do the ios 7 update on my iphone 4s .Connected the phone to itunes and did a backup 20gb , then went and downloaded the update , then tried to update.

    I didn't realise it would still need an active internet connection and in the process this stopped , stopping itunes. I borrowed another mobile and connected itunes to the internet via this . It then loaded ios 7 on my phone as ablank and when i went to restore my backup it now prompts for a password.

    Aaargh . I didnt put a password in for the backup just prior to the upgrade, but can't be certain i didn't use one when i first got the phone.

    Can i get this backup password back? is there a trick or is there a third party solution that works?

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated !!

    Thanks J
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    this is the post for when you gave up

    if you cannot remember your iTunes back up password , not much is actually lost forever ---if you erase the phone and start over.

    you can still back up and sync
    in this situation , back it up and sync to the computer that you have synced content too, like music and videos

    this works if you have iCloud

    back up and sync,
    click on file device transfer purchase to send all the app updates and everything you bought on the iPhone to iTunes
    sync to iphoto, including videos
    turn on iCloud keychain. this will backup your keychain to the internet

    use iCloud to erase the phone and remove it from your account

    set it up as new phone
    sign it on to your iTunes and iCloud accounts
    connect it to iTunes
    you might have to go to apps to click on the apps to install
    and click on sync

    everthing in the library , like apps, and movies and tv shows and music will be put back on the iPhone

    you can retrieve the keychain from iCloud keychain

    iCloud will keep your calendar, phone book, notes,, etc etc safe

    iCloud will keep your mail safe if you use iCloud mail

    fif you do this, the only thing you really lose are text messages. and pictures and videos you sent in messages and app passwords, like for "netflix" and "hulu" and maybe -- i am not sure -- wifi passwords.

    when i erased my iPhone, an apple specialist gave me a real dodgy answer on whether or not wifi passwords
    are backed up to icioud or if they are just pushed to devices

    if you don't have the computer that you have synced content , like music and tv shows, they are lost forever when you erase the iphohe

    if you use the computer that you have synced contenrt to set up iPhones, then all that synced content is just put back

    if the content is purchased, then you can go back to the iTunes store and get all your purchases back
    even if apple deleted it.

    apple says once they remove an item from the store you may not be able to download it again.
    that has not been my personal experience. i have lots of stuff i can get back, like the iPhone 4 case app
    and the dr danger tv show

    if you don't use iCloud mail, then you might lose your email

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