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Oct 31, 2011
Brooklyn, NY
I'm using Keynote 5.2.2 on two different macs running Mavericks (though this issue is also happening with Keynote '09) and whenever I try to save a document, whether to iCloud or the local drive, I get a message that says "The file 'Document Name' couldn't be opened" and the file refuses to save. This also happens if I try to export as a pdf or word doc. This is incredibly annoying since I don't have MS Office installed on any of my machines and as a result I can't get any word processing done at the moment. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It's worth mentioning that I have NOT upgraded to iCloud Drive since I'm still running Mavericks on all of my machines (Yosemite is incompatible with a lot of my most important software). Could this be the source of the issue? Thanks in advance.


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Aug 28, 2012
Between the coasts
Sounds like this is permissions-related. First, are you working in an Admin or Standard user account, or are you in Guest or another account type?

Are these existing files that you're continuing to work on, or are these new, "Untitled" documents? If you can locate them in Finder, Get Info for the file and check Sharing and Permissions.

These should be auto-saving, so, if you create a new document as a test and simply try to close the document, what dialog, if any, do you get?


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Jul 30, 2003
If these are pre-existing documents, that you just want to edit, then save...
Where are they located now?
Can you simply copy the files to your hard drive, then edit those local copies? Then - do those LOCAL updated copies save OK?


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Aug 22, 2008
Auckland, NZ
I'm having similar issues. My iCloud has started playing up in general : refusing to push iMac made calendar events/changes to the iPhone, forcing me 'force update' the iPhone's calendar. A few days ago a Numbers file that resided on iCloud, that has functioned flawlessly for months, refused to be open. I ended up having to log in to iCloud via a browser, then download the file to my iMac. It then functioned fine when served from the desktop.

Now, when I open a Pages template file (it may well be stored on iCloud, although I thought it was local), edit it then try and save it (using the File>Save, or Command-S) to a local destination, I get this error message : 'The file "Untitled.pages" couldn't be opened.". In order to save it to the desktop, I have to select the document's title ('untitled') in its own menubar, and change the 'Where' field from 'Pages : iCloud' to a local destination. Only then will it save.

Any light shed on this would be appreciated!



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Jan 22, 2012
I am having this issue as well. Can't open any .pages file on my computer. Works fine from the iPad and iPhone.
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