cant seem to order 2, 4s on family plan

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tomkatzid, Oct 7, 2011.

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    i already have a family plan with 2 numbers. when i order from apple it wants me to accept 2 $75.00 accounts. family is $70 and 2 datas is $30. for $110. but i have to order them seperate since i already have a plan and apple wants me to push accept/order for 2 plans at $60 each. calling apple and at&t and got no where. both say they dont know. do i just have to wait till they are in the store and buy them there?
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    Looks like it.
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    Are you trying to add two new lines to your FamilyTalk plan or just upgrade your two existing lines?

    If you are trying to add additional lines to your AT&T FamilyTalk plan then you can't add them directly via Apple over the web. If you are upgrading two existing lines and you are using the correct option: Replace a phone on my account with a new iPhone. The Apple site will only show the primary rate plan but it will work correctly.

    The only way around the Apple restriction about adding additional lines to an existing FamilyTalk plan is to order individual new lines with a new rate plan and then once you get the new iPhone just call AT&T or go to the AT&T Corporate Retail location to have the new lines merged iinto your existing FamilyTalk plan.

    Yes, you can really do this. Each line has it's own individual contract and by merging additional lines into a FamilyTalk plan does not change anything in your new contract. It just changes the rate plan to an add-a-line.

    Note: Using this method will result in a $36 new line fee instead of the normal FamilyTalk new line fee of $18. You might be able to get this waived by being polite when you have the lines merged into your existing FamilyTalk plan.

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    Right, just trying to get two new phones to replace the old ones with the family plan we already have. OK, I will give that a try. Thank you for your help.

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