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Can't select multiple text messages within a thread with ios 14


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Mar 18, 2011
That’s similar to what I used to do but iOS 14 killed it.

My method was to long touch a message, tap More, then touch another message and, without lifting my finger, slide slightly right and then up or down. The result was the same as your process.

Not only does iOS 14 ruin this, Big Sur beta removes the easy ability to select multiple messages and delete them. You now have to use the Edit > Delete menu rather than a right-click > Delete or Backspace or Command-Delete.

I’m not sure why they ruined such basic functionality.


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Original poster
Oct 10, 2020
As with everything apple it seems that they continue to ruin the stuff that makes sense.


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Sep 18, 2013
I'm actually kinda happy they removed this. I was constantly accidentally activating this, and had to cancel out before I would accidentally remove a message.

But, yes, giving an option to enable the two-finger selection tool would be a better solution and please more people for sure.
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