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    I have a gmail account on my iMac and I cannot send messages from it. I tried the connection Dr. and in the SMTP account type it says ''connecting to server....'' but doesn't do anything just the spinning wheel.
    Any suggestions as I've checked password and I can send messages when I go online or use my macbook air
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    1. What version of OS X are you running?

    2. What email service? IMAP or POP?

    3. Did this just start or did you just do an upgrade or something else?

    4. In Mail go to the menu item 'wind' and select 'Connection Doctor'. When Connection doctor opens click the 'Show Detail button and then click the 'Check Again' button. This then will cause the printout of every step of Mail's steps. This will help you really trace the problem down.

    5. In Mail Preferences select 'Accounts'. Then down in that Account window select the toggle bar for 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMPT) and select 'Edit SMTP service list' To see yur SMTP settings are setup up right for your ISP email server.

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