Can't sign up for iCloud?!

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    May 30, 2010
    I'm dying to try the new service, but whenever I try to create an Apple ID via iCloud prefpane it comes back saying my device cannot be used to do so. Here's what console says:

    10/12/11 3:27:34.601 PM System Preferences: JS_LOG: confirm with call back
    message:This device cannot be used to sign up for a free iCloud account. Sign up using an iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch (4th generation).
    title:Cannot Sign Up

    Unfortunately, my only iOS device is a 2nd Gen iPod touch and no computers in my house are running windows, and this is the only computer running Lion 10.7.2.

    Can someone please help shed some light on whats going on here? I tried editing the plist in the prefpane for iCloud, it said 11c2 (or something like that) for my Lion build but in profiler it says "11C74" so I corrected it and I still can't sign up.


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