can't sleep, too excited about Lion

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by egeek84, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. egeek84 macrumors 6502


    Mar 26, 2010
    Northern California
    Anyone else too excited for tomorrows release of Lion to get some sleep tonight? I plan on doing a clean install tomorrow.
  2. ThomasBoss macrumors regular

    Jun 12, 2011
    Nope, I am planning on sticking with SL until 7.1 :D
    Good luck, hope your install goes smoothly.
  3. Samlaptop macrumors newbie

    Jun 26, 2011
    Here is a quote from Apple:
    Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer told reporters and analysts during a conference call on Tuesday, when discussing his company's most-recent financial results.

    source: the register

    See, Lion will be launching TODAY, can't wait!
  4. daship macrumors member

    Jul 18, 2011
    If it aint out in 15 minutes it wont be til 8:30 so I will go to bed.
  5. Steve.P.JobsFan macrumors 6502a


    Jan 27, 2010
    I can't really sleep either. Just keep Spotify cranked up, and slamming down some Coca-Cola, and Crush. :cool:
  6. Samlaptop macrumors newbie

    Jun 26, 2011
    I don't need to sleep as it's 7:58am here in the UK. I'm about to go to my Nan's house where the fast broadband is, but by the time 8:30amEST comes which is probably 4:30, I'll be back at home with sluggish broadband, not great for downloading 3.5GB.

    Still looking forward to the release of Lion.
  7. eawmp1 macrumors 601


    Feb 19, 2008
    I can't sleep because work keeps waking me up.

    As for your Lion-induced insomnia, I'd kill for a life where the most significant thing that occurs was a minor software update was enough to cause loss of sleep. :rolleyes:
  8. Steve.P.JobsFan macrumors 6502a


    Jan 27, 2010
    You better hurry up and call Virgin or Sky or whatever and upgrade your Internet, ASAP! ;)
  9. mende1 macrumors member

    Aug 9, 2010
    Toledo, Spain
    I slept perfect last night :D. Now, I am waiting for Lion (in Spain, now it's Wednesday morning :)).
  10. roadbloc macrumors G3


    Aug 24, 2009
    ...I'm lost for words. Lion is hardly something to loose sleep over. I don't think any operating system is actually.
  11. swingerofbirch macrumors 68030

    Oct 24, 2003
    The Amalgamated States of Central North America
    I am not sleepy either and am rather activated, but that's only partially because of Apple. I do have to admit on nights when products have been rumored to come out such as the Air I'll check the ASO (Apple Store Online--I want to create that initialism if it isn't one already) a couple of times and I've checked the Mac App Store on nights when Lion was rumored to come out the next day.

    And I've checked both again tonight. I do follow Apple obsessively and I do get an increased anxiety/activation before product launches and keynotes, even though I am not that interested by the products themselves lately.

    I even used to have a lot of troubles on the days of keynotes when I would try to either watch the video that would always crap out or read the play by plays, it was like climaxing without ever getting anywhere, or getting there way too slowly after having waited way too long and I would actually get very anxious. I do, as I have mentioned, in other threads have anxiety issues (real anxiety disorders, not just the state of being stressed).

    I used to have the same issue in high school when I watched Mad TV. I would laugh so hard sometimes it would induce panic. Too much of a good thing.

    But I'm mostly wide awake for other reasons. 3:40 AM and I am brimming with energy and the most mental clarity I've had all day. I am in bad need of a day-night reversal.
  12. Elven macrumors 6502a


    May 13, 2008
    Could not sleep anyways, we are in dire need of a new mattress ever since the wardrobe fell on our sprung one.

    Off to shops today to buy a memory foam one :D hopefully fit it in the car :eek:
  13. rmbrown09 macrumors 6502a


    Jan 25, 2010
    Apple servers are going to commit suicide tomorrow.
  14. jollygoodamy macrumors regular

    Jul 8, 2011
    True that!
  15. ann713 macrumors 6502a

    Nov 30, 2008
    What time is the launch? I'm so out of the loop.
  16. fredsarran macrumors 6502


    Jun 15, 2008
    Nobody knows the time for the release of Lion. Yet it has been confirmed to be today. 9am here in UK still nothing. I think it will be out around 5 or 6 pm somehow.

    I am very excited about it, yet I slept like a baby :)
  17. ann713 macrumors 6502a

    Nov 30, 2008
    I see. I highly doubt it would be any time soon. Don't they usually go by Cupertino (California's) PST? My wild guess is anywhere from 8-10am here in the US, which is around evening in the UK , as you were predicting.
  18. netdog macrumors 603


    Feb 6, 2006
    Having used Lion for awhile now, apart from the fugly calendar trimming, I like OS X 10.7, but excited? It really isn't an exciting upgrade.

    IOS 5 is a lot more interesting.
  19. Crosbie, Jul 20, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2011

    Crosbie macrumors 6502a


    May 26, 2010
    Brighton, UK
    I'm hoping Jon Gruber's guess was right, and they'll release early morning - c5am PT, so about 1pm UK. The guy in the reseller's in Ireland said he'd been told to hold off till afternoon.

    They must surely be thinking about timing for relatively minimal strain on servers?
  20. hamis92 macrumors 6502

    Apr 4, 2007
    Me too (except some random crow decided to "sing" behind my window and wake me too early…). In Finland it's almost noon. I wish Lion would be released while I'm still at work, it sure would download faster over 24 Mbps ADSL (we have 8 Mbps at home).
  21. skillwill macrumors 6502

    Feb 12, 2008
    I would be more excited about this - memory foam mattresses are awesome!
  22. buckyballs macrumors regular

    Dec 22, 2006
    Rumour has it that Apple are using it as a stress test of their new data centre before iCloud launches.
  23. Joelb955 macrumors member

    Aug 4, 2010
    I'm excited too, I have been waiting since the back to the mac convention!
  24. Patrick J macrumors 65816

    Patrick J

    Mar 12, 2009
    Oporto, Portugal
    I had a great nights sleep :) 10 am in Portugal, no Lion yet :)

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