Can't sync ringtones without erasing music/video

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    When I first set my phone up, I chose not to sync mail accounts and other information. Now I would like to sync my ringtones. However, when I click on the "sync ringtones" box in the Ringtones tab, I get a warning message:


    Why? Why can't I just sync my ringtone without erasing my music and video?
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    just drag the ringtones to your phone like any song, I am guessing you manually manage you music and videos
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    Oct 20, 2003
    You mean drag the ringtone from the ringtones tab? It's greyed out and I can't drag it. Or do you mean drag it from the iTunes library?
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    Dec 12, 2009
    I guess it's a little late but I just wondered the same thing and then found this post...

    If you are seeing the ringtones greyed out, you are probably still have your iPhone selected at the far left (under DEVICES). Instead, under LIBRARY, choose ringtones and then you should be able to drag them to the iPhone icon.

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Solution suggestion

    Apparently Ringtones in ITunes are considered music and cannot be synced if you manually mange your music. It you try to sync it deletes all music. If you manually manage ringtones they do not transfer to the Iphone by dragging to the ringtones folder on the device. I found this work around to manually manage ringtones. And this also explains how to make ringtones in ITunes. I'm using ITunes 9.0.2 on a Mac and have an IPhone 3G s.
    1) In music library select the song that you want as a ringtone. The KIND must be “Purchased AAC audio file”
    2) Decide where to start and end it to create 30 seconds of play time
    3) Right click to Get Info
    4) Select Start and Stop time in Options
    5) Click OK.
    6) Select song again in music library. Right click. Select Convert to AAC.
    7) Creates duplicate in your Music list.
    8) Drag to desktop.
    9) Rename file from M4A to M4r.
    10: Import/Add to Library
    11) Drag to Device ICON not Ringtone folder
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