Can't understand how to get this app to work

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by kylefoley76, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Jul 17, 2013
    I'm trying to figure out how to use swi prolog. I'm not a computer programmer so please go easy on me and assume I know very little.

    Well, the app works without xquartz. I'm downloading xquartz right now just in case.


    Not clear.


    Don't understand.

    what file? what lines?

    Where do I type %swipl?


    Don't understand/

    Well, I'll try to understand that part when I get the software to work.
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    Nov 26, 2007
    I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can, but these strike me more as Unix administration questions than programming questions.

    I recognize some of these as unix commands. There should be executable files with these names somewhere on your computer with the names. Note that they'll be in directories that Apple has hidden from the Finder by default.

    I'm pretty sure you needn't worry about it, though, as MacPorts should automatically handle downloading and installing any files that you need but don't have.

    Open terminal and type in (after the prompt)
    sudo port -v selfupdate
    Then press enter. It should update MacPort just for incase you don't have the newest version. It'll give you a prompt again when it's done at which point you should type
    sudo port install swi-prolog
    Then press enter.

    One other thing - if you have a password set on the computer, it'll ask you for that after each time you type a command involving "sudo". It won't show you stars or anything when you type it. It'll just ask for your password and you should type it and then hit enter and it'll proceed with executing that command.

    The stuff after the # and before the % is a comment, which does nothing and so is why I didn't have you type that. And the %s themselves represent your prompt (or at least that's my guess.)

    ~/ refers to your home folder - the one that shares the name with your account name.

    The . at the start of the file name means it'll be hidden from Finder, if it exists, unless you have modified some hidden preference files to reveal hidden files in Finder.

    I'd suggest editing the file in a text editor like sublime. Text edit will also work. Word will not - it's a word processor, not a text editor.

    It's not clear from what you typed in your post (I'm not looking at the source you're quoting from) - but I'm guessing they want you to have the line

    inside a file named .bashrc and placed inside of your home folder. If the file already existed, add this line to it. If the file doesn't already exist and you had to make a new one, it'll have just this line in it.

    Let's worry about the rest when you get to it...

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