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    :confused:Where does Mail save its data?
    1. Other mail clients save the user data in the /user/your name/Mail folder so it is easy to backup, but how about Mail? Where does it store that user data.
    Can I just backup my user folder and be sure Mail is backed up?
    ------ Question #1 answered: I found that Mail stores its data in the Users/Your name/Library/ Mail folder -----
    2. Also, through importing addresses from another mail client, I somehow have 2 entries for each address in the Address Book. But I cannot delete the duplicates. Neither the delete key or Command-delete work, and I don't see any delete button either. How can I get rid of the duplicates?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    If its two discrete address entries does Menu>Edit>Delete Card work?
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    Kyoto, Japan
    Thanks, for the reply. I would like to try that. I don't understand what "Card" means, though I assume it means a selected entry.
    Actually, frustrated with the situation, I did a brute force delete of all the files in the User/Library/Address Book folder (left the subfolders, empty) and reimported my addresses from Powermail. That worked, so now I have no duplicates to test your suggestion with.
    The reason I wanted all my addresses in the address book was to try the latest version of Mailsmith. Powermail is a very well done mail client but the company doesn't update it often and it always lags behind Apple's updates. The current version 6.0.6 has some display glitches that the company hasn't addressed, so I thought I'd give Mailsmith a try. Seems good so far, but it uses the Apple address book by default. I cannot get on with Mail, it irritates me at every turn. I only need POP so Mailsmith and Powermail work for me.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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