Can't unlock my external HDD

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Poro, Feb 15, 2014.

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    I can't unlock my external HDD. When I connect it to my Mac, it brings up the password dialog. I enter the password and press ok. The windows stays up for like 2 minutes and then just shakes to indicate an error, though it doesn't give any error message.

    It uses Mac OS X Extended (Journaled, Encrypted) -filesystem. The password is stored in Keychain, so I'm 100% sure it is correct. I've tried opening it on different Macs, but none of them can open it. I really need this drive open, appreciate any help I can get. I've attached the related lines from the log file below. CoreStorageFamily::unlockVEKs() seems to be the problem but I don't know what the error means.

    Also, the drive is 1Tb drive and according to disk management has 16.8 Mb free space left. Can the free space be the problem when unlocking?

    15.2.2014 12.00.36,000	kernel[0]	USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 010A00009154 0x411 0x1f9 0x1, 3
    15.2.2014 12.00.43,000	kernel[0]	CoreStorage: fsck_cs has finished for group "E524EF43-2E4B-4460-B150-A35D5ECE529E" with status 0x00
    15.2.2014 12.00.43,188[12]	LVG changed
    15.2.2014 12.00.43,000	kernel[0]	CoreStorageFamily::unlockVEKs() failed to unwrap the vek, status = e00002bc
    15.2.2014 12.00.43,249[12]	LVG changed
    Thanks in advance!
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    It looks like the fsck_cs (sort of like a Disk Utility repair disk from the command line) command is finding errors in the encrypted core storage volume and that is why you can't open it. My guess would be your disk may be doing bad, causing corruption of the core storage volume.

    That 16.8MB free space is normal since all the space is being used by the encrypted core storage volume even is the volume is not full.

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