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Nov 4, 2010
I haven't been able to update firmware on my laptop. It will download and attempt, but when the computer restarts, it restarts over and over and over again on its own until I hard power down. Then when it restarts, it starts up like normal but doesn't install the firmware. I had installed Kingston memory at one point and when I presented this issue to the Genius bar, they kept it a few days and tested it with "known working ram" and they were able to update the last firmware revision. So I ditched the Kingston and put in Centon, which claims full compatibility. Now, firmware 2.7 is giving me the same issue. Is it really the RAM? Anyone else who used 3rd party memory having this same problem?



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Dec 12, 2007
Yorkshire, England
My early 2012 Macbook Pro has a strange issue where it won't update firmware if I have anything over 4GB of RAM Installed, I found this out after putting 8GB in and hours of testing with the old RAM and new RAM with other Mac's.
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