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    Dec 19, 2014
    I just updated my Mac Book Pro Mid 2012 to Yosemite. This worked out fine, but now iTunes wont let me update my iPhone 5. I loaded the newest OS, but it always stops saying Error Number 4013. The Phone now remains in maintenance State and stays useless in this state:-(

    I tried a different cable, I tried restart, I disconnected other usb devices, now I'm at the end of my knowledge...

    Anyone now what I could do?
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    Apr 30, 2012
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    a quick google search says if DFU mode won't fix it, like dictoresno mentioned,
    contact apple. most likely something is wrong with your usb port, cable, lightning port, try removing dirt / lint from your ports. use a brush or some canned air. the apple store does this for free, heh

    damn i saw one youtube video where the guy says its because you don't have the official apple lcd screen
    and suggests removing the screen ! thats crazy!

    have any parts been changed ? is a common question i see people asking when you get 4013

    other websites point to this is a problem with your usb controller, and you should try restoring your iPhone in DFU mode from a different computer.

    is your macbook still under warranty?? do you have applecare???

    shutdown the computer and run a.h.t. in extended mode to make sure the test passes.

    if dfu continues to fail, take iPhone and computer to the apple store and ask for help
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    Dec 19, 2014
    Thanx Folks!

    Restoring from a different computer with an older version of iTunes did it!


    Beware of Yosemite!!

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