Can't use Safari at Revenue Canada


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Hi, I was try to check if my taxes were submitted right and Revenue Canada's web site says the following. Is it just Safari or is it them? I'm still running 10.3.7

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Warning to Mac Safari users

Unfortunately, access to epass Canada using a Mac Safari browser is temporarily unavailable. A recent software update distributed by Apple Computer Inc., caused an incompatibility with epass security components. Every effort is being made by epass Canada and Apple Computer Inc., to resolve this issue and restore your access to epass Enabled services.

Until Apple Computer is able to provide a software update solution, epass Canada will be unable to support any Mac browser access. Please visit the Apple Computer support site at to obtain the latest updates before attempting to access epass Canada.

With a solution expected in the very near future, your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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Nov 11, 2004
revenue Canada f***ed up and blaming it on Apple, I have always had a problem with macs and their site , IE 5.2 works OK, none of the newer browsers are fully supported... It really irks me that Gov and University sites are not fully mac compatible especially when schools are pushing towards macs... I would say that over half of my classmates have a mac and another fifth are seriously considering switching... ibooks are a students best friend...


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Oct 19, 2003
Well it could be worse.

Last year their address update system required IE6 with the Microsoft Java VM.

Since Microsoft stopped making a VM a little while ago, that meant (technically) they were requiring an impossible configuration...
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