Can't view entire screen on external monitor

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Promise238, May 10, 2012.

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    May 10, 2012
    Ok let me break the scenario down i have a mac book pro, i work for marvel and i am currently editing pilots filmed for possible production. I have a deadline in two weeks and just like a genius i dropped my mac and the screen is destroyed. I had a bright idea to use an external monitor because i can't afford to fix my mac till i submit my project and receive my commission check so I NEED HELP. When i plug in the external and hit command f1 it shows me only the right side of my screen and i can not open preferences to resie the resolution because the apple and the window opens on the left side of the screen which i can not see nor can i move the mouse to guestimate where the window is to physically move it over. I am out of options and Apple won't help me unless i have 500 dollars.I know i'm apple savvy but i know for a fact some of you guys are actual experts please assist me so i can see my entire screen on my external.
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    Get an external keyboard and mouse and you can use clamshell mode to fix the problem - basically you'll just be using the external and the computer will forget about the LCD. HERE is how to activate it.
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    Do you see the menubar at all? If so, and you're literally only seeing the right side of the display come up (and the left side is black), then your logic board is probably also damaged, and you may be stuck. If you don't see any part of the menubar, then you're in extended display mode, not mirroring, and you need to hit Cmd-F1 again to switch back display modes.

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