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    I have searched on how to do this. Supposedly VLC can do it, but the pictorial doesn't show the same menus as I have. I have VLC and Handbrake and would like to extract some audio using a free program, preferably with what I already have. I have seen other programs mentioned, but some are for windows. Has anyone done this using VLC on a Mac? If so, can you point me to instructions? If not, what free program would you recommend?
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    Never tried it with VLC, but here's the method I would use. It requires the programs MakeMKV (its DVD-ripping functionality is free, blu-ray requires a serial after the trial) and subler (free).

    In MakeMKV (UNLESS you've already ripped/encoded your video into a container, in which case skip down to the 'In Subler' steps).
    Step 1: Open MakeMKV with the DVD in the disc drive.
    Step 2: Press the button in the center, should be a symbol that says DVD - HDD (the picture is supposed to be a hard drive). Let it do it's scan/decrption thing, shouldn't take more than 10 minutes depending on the disc (Disney DVD's, for example, may take longer).
    Step 3: MakeMKV is going to give you a list of titles that it can rip. If the list is massive, right-click on it and, on the pop-up menu, select "Unselect All" to uncheck all listed titles. Then, select the title you wish to extract audio from later by clicking the check box next to it (MakeMKV tells you the estimated file size next to the title and the length of the title in the box to the right of the window).
    Step 4: After selecting the box, expand the title options by clicking the arrow next to it. Uncheck everything except the audio track/s you want.
    Step 5: Click "MakeMKV". MakeMKV will then rip the movie to an .MKV file.
    Step 6: When MakeMKV is finished, close it and open Subler.

    In Subler (if you've already ripped your movie to an .mkv, .mp4, .m4v, or .mov, you can skip straight to these steps)
    Step 7: Navigate to File>New, OR press command+N to open a new project.
    Optional Step: Navigate to Subler>Preferences>Audio and check the box next to "Convert AC3 audio to AAC". This is optional, but will help increase capability with devices.
    Step 8: In Finder, Navigate to the .mkv attained from MakeMKV and drag it into the new window, OR Navigate to File>Import>File, OR click the "+" in the Subler GUI.
    Step 9: A pop up menu listing the streams inside the .mkv (video, audio, subtitle, chapter, etc) will drop down. Uncheck all but the audio stream you wish to save.
    Step 10: Checked the checkbox next to the audio track name.
    Step 11: Navigate to File>Save As... then save the file. Make sure the file type is Audio-mpeg4, not video, otherwise you'll get a video file with no video.

    Not the only way to do it, but that's my preferred way.

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