Capture One Pro 12 just released


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Jul 17, 2013
Orlando, FL
Count me out for reasons other than price as discussed below. But speaking of price, I have seen the escalation in price with the original $49, and I think the upgrade to v11 on a 'sale' was $79 from $99. Now the v12 upgrade price for the Sony (or Fuji) version is $119. There is a patter of annual upgrades for versions 9, 10, 11, and now 12. Who knows what 13 will be next year. At $119, and given that you need two programs with their own upgrade structure as discussed below it makes more sense To rent Photoshop and Lightroom "Photographer Plan" for $9.99 a month.

Now the shortcoming. It basically replaces Lightroom but you will still need a second program to do other functions. One of the most basic is layers. C1's interpretation of layers is an adjustment layer mask on a SINGLE photo. You have to go to another program to do layers involving two or more photos. C1 not YouTube independent tubers don't even have a training video on sky replacement which obviously involves two photos - the landscape and the replacement sky. I do it routinely in architectural/real estate photography and dealing with reflections/hot spots in windows, TV, pictures, etc. Identical tripod shots but lighting moved around then blending the good parts of one into the other. There is no getting around, you need a second program, and depending on it's cataloging capabilities supporting the workflow, you may not need C1 in the first place. Specialized versions for Sony/Fuji have another issue. While you may have a Sony/Fuji now, what about historical photo files on your computer taken with a different camera, current photos taken with an iPhone or jpg scans of slides/prints that have no EFIX data showing any camera, each of which you want to touch up. You need second program (Affinity Photo, On One, or the PC only Paintshop Pro) to handle it. Even if you paid for the full version of C1, which would handle the source file, you still have the other limitations.

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Back in the summer I purchased Capture 11 Pro for Sony and tried to use it but found myself becoming frustrated, especially as the learning curve seemed pretty steep. I eventually decided that later, when I had more time I'd try and really dig into it, see if I could learn the ropes of using it and really enjoy using it as well as in the end coming out with satisfactorily edited images. So now they've got version 12..... I'm definitely not going to upgrade to it until I find out if I really am going to use C1 as one of my primary editing tools. I somehow suspect that I won't. I've been very pleased with Luminar and am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer when they release their long-promised DAM this December.....