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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by stefmesman, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Jun 25, 2010
    Hello mac users!

    didnt find my solution on google so i thought i ask you mac guys.

    i have been capturing video hi8 footage to my mac lately and it works awesome (used a canopus 110). Quality is great. Now... since im only capturing and burning dvd's 1 on 1 i wanted to speed this proces up. so i bought an Pioneer DVR (DVR-540H)

    I connected my video hi8 camera to the S-video port. and i recorded the entire hi8 tape to my blanc dvd. When im done i go to the disc settings and i finalize my disc. This should make it playback on other devices.

    now heres the problem. I tested it on multiple playback devices. and on some. the dvd simply does not play. things i tried

    iMac (27'' late 09) <- works
    Philips Bluray player + samsung HDTV <- doesnt work
    old 4:3 tv with internal DVD <- works
    HP Laptop <- doesnt work
    Acer laptop <- doesnt work
    Old philips dvd player <- works

    i already tried a different brand DVDs with no succes.

    does anyone know what the difference is in playback? and why some do play it back and some dont. especially not my bluray player.

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    This Pioneer DVR, does it record the video straight to the DVD disc or does it have a HDD? One problem I have noticed with non hard drive DVR's is that there are many timecode breaks as a result. You could try taking the DVD and importing the VOB file into mpeg streamclip ( and exporting that way. What type of DVD disc are you using? I have found that DVD-R are more compatible in various players than DVD+Rs are.
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    Jun 25, 2010
    at first, thanks for your reaction.

    the VCR can record to both HDD and DVD directly. in this case i recorded to DVD directly. i have used both DVD+ and -R both with the same results. I tried the disc on several 'windows'' pcs but all seemed not to be able to playback over windows media player. (i dont not know of any other dvd players for windows) dvds work fine with dvdplayer from mac.

    I would hate to burn everything twice by ripping to my imac and then burning another disc again (time consuming/ waste of dvd's) An older Philips dvd player (from 2006) plays back the dvd without problems also. As my bluray player from 2010 from philips doesnt
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    Apr 13, 2011
    Some troubleshooting ideas

    Could be a number of things. First off, it might be bad DVD media, or your DVD players like certain media and not others. I have used Pioneer DVD recorders for years (disc recording only, no HDD) and would once in a great while have a recorded disc that would play in some players, or some computers, and not others. The suggestion about using Streamclip is a good one - just make a new file and burn that. For your original recording you could use rewritable DVDs and then rip the files off, and burn a new disc as your final. Using rewritables are tricky however as they do not always like your recorder - so you have to find the right brand it likes. For example, my Pioneer DVD recorders are 2003, and rewritables then were not a problem. As time went on and there were changes in DVD makeup, firmware, recording speeds (it was 4X in those days) etc., I now have a hard time finding rewritables that will record correctly in these older Pioneers. Consequently, I don't use rewritables that much anymore. I suggest the rewritables to you only if you are concerned about all the wasted DVDs. In the end, you need to take your files and burn a new DVD. I don't think I've ever had a DVD Studio Pro disc not play.... but there are finicky problems with DVD recorder dvd's. It's always better to rip the files off them and create a new DVD - I prefer DVDSP - more control over how it plays, menus, etc. (DVD recorder menus always look like crap anyway). Just copying DVD-recorder discs only copies the same problems; so that's why a whole new DVD needs to be created from scratch.

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