Resolved Capturing, and recording a mutli user videocast: best software?

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    What I'm trying to be able to mimic is:

    Rene of posted a pic on instagram of what I believe is the program he's using to manage the session(this particular one was for only 3 people), but when I asked what the name of it was, he did not respond:

    I'm guessing the end result is edited in a traditional editing program (Premiere, FCP, etc) which I have so I'm good there. I would like to know what they're using to capture each users streams and manage them. I'd obviously settle for something similar.

    They also have the ability to enter a chat and view them live as they're recording and you can comment. I find that aspect interesting but not essential right now.

    These are somethings that I noticed or at least have taken into consideration is that when they switch to full screen for the person speaking at the time, it's wide screen, vs 4:3ish when in 3/6 person mode. That leads me to believe each user is recording themselves the whole time so the full screen can be added in post.

    I've looked into BoinxTV but from what I've seen and read, it requires the sources in the same location.
    Skype has a multi user video chat, but it has a monthly fee and I don't believe you have that much control of how the windows are presented. I'd prefer a pay once and be done program.

    I think it can be done in Flash Media Server (don't hate me please) but that requires what will amount to a custom solution on top of that and that will probably be a bit costly. If it's the only way, it's the only way but I'm hoping there is something else.

    Any leads on how this can be done would be greatly appreciated as all my searches have turned up zilch. Maybe I'm searching for the wrong terms?
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