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    Hello all, I work in a school, and we have an Applied Tech teacher. He used an app called Car Builder from a now defunct company called Optimum Resource. Well, I upgraded his Mac to 10.7, and now Car Builder doesn't run as it's a PowerPC app. Like I said, the company that made the app is now defunct, so I can't get any updates for it, or even buy a Windows version.

    Does anyone know of a different app he can use? Windows or Mac is fine, although it has to run on either Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.7. Some of the other software he needs for curriculum needs the older OSes to run.

    If you haven't used Car Builder before, it allows you to design a car, and then see what kind of drag the car would have. Although the company is now defunct, it's web site is still active:

    It's a cool app, but my district is kinda dragging its feet to find a more updated Applied Tech curriculum / computer software and hardware. :(
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    Do you have a copy of the old OS? I'm assuming it was something like Snow Leopard?

    You could consider running a Virtual Machine with Snow Leopard and installing the car app on that...

    I use VirtualBox (mostly because it's free) to run my VMs.

    Guide to running SL on a VM in Lion: here

    Maybe worth a shot if other/updated software is off the cards for now?

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