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Jun 11, 2013
Anyone else having problems with iPod car integration and iOS7?

I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with Nav and iPod hook up that played back MP3's and Spotify without issue on iOS6. Every since upgrading to iOS7, MP3 playback still works, but after a few seconds of Spotify playback, I lose connection and get a message on my nav screen saying "reconnection required".

Anyone else experiencing something similar?


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Feb 27, 2005
Seattle, WA
I've been getting something similar. I use Downcast to listen to podcasts in my Honda Civic via the USB input with a Lightning cable. Ever since iOS7 it'll at some point crash Downcast and stop playback - usually after a few minutes. I've resorted to just playing the audio through my iphone speaker in the car. :|


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Apr 11, 2007
Annoying I'm sure, but it just sounds like a bug. It's a beta, so we can expect stuff like this.

If you're a developer, document the issue. Otherwise, just wait it out and they'll probably fix it in the next release.
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