Car play in a van and what speakers

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    Aug 17, 2008
    my Renault master van is my primary form of transport and would like to replace the standard average factory system with a car play unit. Will also need speakers as the factory ones are awful. Any suggestions? Don’t want to remortgage house by the way for this
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    Jul 14, 2015
    I used to use Blaupunkt speakers (four coaxial mains and a 10" sub) plus a 50Wx2 amp (I forget the brand; California something-or-other, I guess). Ran the 4" rear speakers off the head unit, and ran the 6 1/2" fronts off the amp; put high-pass caps on all four main speakers; then wired the sub bridged over the amp along with a low-pass coil (so, yes, the two-channel amp drove three speakers). Sounded great to my ears, and far simpler to set up than if I tried to use an active crossover preamp.

    If you have a stereo shop anywhere near you, you should go there to at least listen to speakers yourself. If I had bought what was popular in car stereo magazines at the time, I would have hated the resulting sound, especially for the kind of music I liked to play.
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    If are looking for cheaper speakers, the cheap ones on Amazon and Ebay, Pyle and Boss might work out for you.

    I needed to replace my speakers, and wanted some cheaper components. I found a set of Pyle ones and was skeptical of the price and quality of them.

    They sound great at most volumes, really high, they start to distort. It is almost like hitting a switch to make them distort.

    But the volume was really, really high.

    After being impressed with the quality vs the price of the Pyle, I decided to try a low profile 10" Boss subwoofer, and was also impressed.

    The cheaper ones might not pass the audiophile test, but for average listener that wants decent speakers at a really good price, it might be worth a try.
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    Replace the head unit first and then reevaluate the speakers. Its not uncommon for speakers to sound awful due to the amp under powering them in the head unit. Connecting aftermarket speakers to the HU will offer improvements but you'll start walking a very slippery slope (bit more get better speakers, but need more power thus amp, and also needs a heavier gauge wire, etc) with minimal returns on investment.

    I stuck a cheap Pioneer in a friends 2004 Subaru Forester because she wanted bluetooth and iPhone connectivity. She claims its sounds infinitely better (I dont have a point of comparison) and doesn't even want to bother with upgrading the speakers which was her original intention.

    Which car play head unit are you looking at?

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