Carbon Copy Cloner and Lion Backup

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Soulstorm, Sep 4, 2011.

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    My macbook pro needs repair, so I must take it to the Applestore and have it fixed. It has lion inside it. Before that, I want to completely erase every little thing in there, because I don't want to expose my work in any employee, for obvious reasons.

    In my job, I have the option of taking another macbook and use it until my own is repaired. I can do whatever I want with it, as long as I need it, even completely erase data from it.

    So what I want is:

    -- Backup the data from my laptop to an external HDD using carbon copy cloner
    -- Give my machine for repairs
    -- Obtain the other one from my work. Restore the HDD from CCC and use that.
    -- After repairs are complete, I want to be able to restore my own laptop from the HDD, and completely erase the one they gave me from work and installing a copy of OS X and just give it to them. They don't care what's installed in it, as long as it is functional.

    Now, onto the real question:

    What happens with Lion's recovery disk? I suppose that this isn't backed up with CCC, so how can I restore it to any machine after using CCC to restore my main system? Note that I don't have a Lion USB stick, and I don't want to purchase one. I purchased Lion from the Mac App Store.
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    Use the Recovery Disk Assistant and make your own.
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    Sep 4, 2011
    First of all why use the third party software when apple supplies and supports Time machine. secondly to install Lion on the second computer simply authorize that computer with you Apps Store account and reinstall.
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    Its a partition and so CCC which copies only a single volume will not clone that. As long as you don't need encryption you can live w/o the recovery disk for a short period of time (while your mac is repaired).
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    Feb 1, 2005
    You are absolutely right. Using CCC showed me yesterday that nothing beats Time Machine.

    Anyway, I have another question: After installing Lion on my works computer, is there any way of giving it back to them, without reformatting it but making sure than no App Store apps purchased by me in this machine will be available to them? (I mean, will deleting all passwords from keychain do the trick or there are some more quirks?)

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