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  1. flyingbird, Aug 9, 2011
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    May 7, 2011
    First time writing a review. Forgive any grammar mistake.:)

    I am sure many of you have heard about this case as there are even ads flying around on macrumor. I got the pink cover from pocomaru for $69.99 with free shipping – Save the 14$ bucks if you ordered directly from the manufacturer.

    When I get my first carbon cover, the sleep/awake function does not seem to work properly. I contacted the seller and have a pink replacement this time. The owner is very courteous and waives my return shipping.

    This is what it looks like when taking the case out:

    Carbon Cover fits very easily and tight. Just put the other three corners in first, then snap in the fourth corner: you will hear a sligh click sound.
    It fits very tightly, you can not get the ipad out without purposely trying.

    Overall, this cover is similar to the original apple cover which I had for my ipad 1, but it looks more upscale.(well it’s more expensive). So if you have lots of meetings with your client, this cover is a great fit for that.
    The leather backing feels good, looks good, and completely covers the back and the edging around the iPad. It leaves openings for all switches, connections, and the speaker. In fact, the speaker cut out is the best I have seen. Elegant and useful. Look around at similar cases; take note of the speaker cutout and the protection for the sides as I mentioned here.

    The cover works just like the smart cover. The magnets hold the top down and it will not slide like other cases.
    At first I made a stupid mistake: I put the ipad in the wrong direction, and was so pissed because the sleep/awake function did not work at all. Well, it's my own fault anyway. Once I put the ipad in the correct direction: the speaker facing the speaker cutout.
    the wake/sleep function works perfectly. As you can see from the picture, there are three folds on the front. You just need to fold the very first one, and your ipad will wake up, Close it, it goes to sleep. It's sensitive to the right degree.

    It feels good and protects your iPad well. I was worried that the cover might have that cheesy carbon fiber look like the Trans Am dashes in the 80's. It doesn't. It's professional.
    This is a detailed look of its carbon fiber:

    I was also worried about the landscape view of this cover, tried it and have no problem at all. I tried another view as seen in the picture. To test its durability,I even put my book on it and waited for 10 minities: Nothing
    Landscape view:

    Another position:
    And with a book on it!

    Complaints (minor):

    I can't tell which end is used to open it - it looks the same in both directions. Have to look for the hinge or the power button to see which way to open it.
    A little industrial smell when I first take it out. Don't let this one minor detail stop you from buying the case. It will go away.

    Very Unique and upscale looking. Fashionable as well. I haven't seen anyone else with one alike.
    Provides very good protection – both front and back.
    It completely exposes the entire front face of the iPad2
    Very nice cut out. All buttons are nicely exposed and you can easily access them.
    sleep/awake function works very well as it’s supposed to.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this case. would recommend to anyone.
  2. casperfly macrumors newbie

    Apr 26, 2011
    This pink color seems not bad, do they have other colors?
  3. flyingbird thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 7, 2011
    They have four colors:
  4. sexytabitha macrumors regular

    Jul 6, 2011
    so its basicly the same as the yoobao islim case thats only $35
  5. flyingbird thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 7, 2011
    well. A thumb of rule is that you will get what you paid for.

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