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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by tech4all, Jan 18, 2005.

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    I was at a Micro Center and was talking to an employee about RAM. He got to saying something about Carbonized software. Something to the effect that OS X only allows this type of software to see 99MB of RAM even though you may have upwards of 1GB ram. I asked if this was PC and Mac and he said it was just a Mac thing. He also said that he didn't know for sure if it was true or not, he said he saw it on a forum (maybe here? :D)

    So if this is true with some apps, why bother having all these GBs of RAM if some apps only see less than 100MB no matter what? :confused: Again, I'm not an expert on this and I'm sure if carbonized was even the term he used.
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    Jul 24, 2002
    Not true! Carbonized apps are native OSX apps written in C++ using the Carbon API. Carbon is as sub-set of the OS9 APIs which allows apps to run on OS9 and OSX. I believe that, for example, PhotoShop is Carbon and it can use up to 2Gb of RAM!
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    Maybe he was confused.

    Many Carbon apps today are "carbonized Mac OS 9 apps" which in the Mac OS 9 days could only (pfff..... hear me: "only" :D ) use 999 MB (not 99) of RAM max. You could do that in the "Get Info..." window of a Mac OS 9 app.

    AFAIK most big non-Apple (M$, Adobe etc.) apps which were available for Mac OS 9 before, are Carbon nowadays. And you bet they can use way more than 999 MB (let alone 99 MB) of physical RAM.

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