CardBus (PCMCIA, PC Card) "Extension Cord"?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ahunter3, Dec 9, 2005.

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    The one thing making my elderly WallStreet PowerBook obsolete at the office is not CPU speed (the 500 MHz G4 Sonnet card gives me all the oomph I need, really), nor OS compatibility (thanx to XPostFacto I can run Panther or Tiger), but networking throughput (10baseT on this thing :()

    In this thread the existence of PCMCIA Gigabit Ethernet cards is noted, with links to a couple. I see, however, that the form factor of both cards is such that they could only be used in the upper of the WS's two card slots (or, rather, if used in the bottom slot would block access to the upper slot).

    There may well be a decent gigabit ethernet PCMCIA card that's flat as a pancake and has one of those plug-on dongle adapters into which the Cat-5 cable is plugged, but this is not the first time I've seen a somewhat desirable card and then run into this problem, get to the point....

    Is there some kind of sleeve adapter such that one could plug one end into the computer's PCMCIA slot and the other end extends out far enough that one could plug a second card of that thickbody shape in?

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    I Highly doubt that. PCI obtains it's high throughput by using reflective wave technology. This is were you use the property of a transmission line, something which is normally parasitis, to help you carry information.

    For this to work at all there are strict restrictions on the length of the wire from the controller. Normally in the range of x±5mm. if you exceed that distance the card will fail.

    Your best bet is looking for a flat 100MBit card. Gigabit will not be that much better because of the fact that the entire PCI bus maxes out at 1 gigabit.



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