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Oct 24, 2011
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Well, I searched for a little info on the Cards app and it looks like its a little mixed as far as a timeframe. I want to send one of these cards to my girlfriend for her birthday which is December 4th. I don't think there's an option to select what day you want it to be delivered. So Cards users, can you recommend me a day I should send the card for her to get it her close to that date (Saturday, December the 3rd)?

Thanks a lot!
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Dec 29, 2007
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Has anyone sent a card internationally? I'm in the us but want to send it to the uk. How long does it take?


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Oct 17, 2011
I would order the card this weekend, so it's mailed out Monday or Tuesday. That's giving it 2 days to process and 3 days in the mail, which is about the timeframe for when I sent a card.
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