Carmageddon- 3d Realistic Racing Game

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    In 2011, the world was coming to an end in Southern California. The overly crowded 405 Freeway was scheduled to be shut down for a full weekend. It was predicted that this closure would bring the entire LA Metropolitan transportation system to its knees. The event was given the name of CARMAGEDDON!! The media organized a massive campaign and informed everyone in Southern California that a 10 mile section of the freeway would be completely closed.. As seen by the live aerial coverage of the closure almost everyone was off the 405 Freeway during this time.

    However, you and your friends in a rush somehow avoided the thousands of hours of public notices and came upon a FREEWAY CLOSED sign. You and your friends ignored the signs and decided to take a shortcut through the once in a lifetime EMPTY 405 Freeway.

    -23 different vehicles- sports cars and even buses
    -Career mode to earn money and purchase new vehicles
    -Fully upgradeable cars
    -Realistic car physics with drifting and traction control
    -Multiple race modes- Typical Race, Duel, and Elimination
    -Game Center Leaderboards
    -In App Purchases available to quickly upgrade cars

    For More Information Visit:
    Please Rate for updates with more tracks
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    You may want to think of a new name for your app before Stainless Games contacts Apple and asks them to remove it.
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    Mar 15, 2012
    I assumed this was an official remake. If it isn't I won't expect that name to last long.

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