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    Carmageddon is the original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) equal points, and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. The game features anarchic drive-wherever-you-like gameplay and over-the-top surreal comedy violence. It’s the racing game where racing is for wimps.

    Now the same classic that was BANNED AROUND THE WORLD is back and available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Wednesday 17th October, FREE for the first 24 hours of sale as a thank you to our Kickstarter backers!


    Carmageddon features real-world environments that have been turned into killing fields, where the locals stay out on the streets at their peril. As well as using your car as a weapon, every level is sprinkled generously with power-ups that have a vast variety of mad effects, adding a whole extra level of craziness to the proceedings. In every event you have the option to “play it your way”… Waste all your opponents, kill every pedestrian, or (perish the thought) complete all the laps. Oh and watch out – the cops in their super-tough armoured patrol vehicles are lurking, and if they catch you being bad they’ll be down on you like several tons of cold pork!


    • 28 dangerously deranged Opponents
    • 11 wildly exhilarating Environments
    • Career Mode featuring 36 satisfyingly violent Levels
    • Race and Wreck opponents to unlock 30 playable cars!
    • Universal App
    • iCloud Support
    • 27 Cunning Stuntworthy Achievements
    • Leaderboards
    • Game Center integration
    • Multiple control methods: digital, analogue (mix ‘n’ match), tilt
    • Edit your control layout in game to your preferences
    • Comprehensive Action Replay System
    • Movie editing; Save your movies straight from the game to YouTube; Share links using iOS 6
    • Action Replay movies will be showcased on in our ‘Hall of Maim’ gallery
    • Retina display and iPhone 5 support
    • Environment maps and other special effects
    • Enhanced pre-lit environments
    • Buckets of gibs
    • Tons of laughs
    Plus the opportunity to make in app purchases to unlock ALL the cars (apart from the secret one) and ALL the races!

    Carmageddon requires iOS 5.1 or later.

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    App Store Link
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    Sep 25, 2012
    Wow, loved this game on PC when I was a kid :) make this available also for other App stores in Europe ;) I'll definitely download it !
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    Mar 15, 2012
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    Sep 25, 2012
    Thanks a lot !!! I spread a word around about this game, and everyone was about to download it. I didn't catch the free version, whatever, this is MUST have app ! :D thank you !
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    Jul 13, 2007
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    $1.99 is still an amazing deal.

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