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    Has anyone used one of these CarPlay USB dongle that can be used with a touch screen that doesn't have CarPlay already?

    Looks like you connect the dongle to your USB in car and the iPhone to that.

    They are around £40, and wondering if they, work firstly, and are decent enough?

    Are they upgradable? As I imagine Apple will block on iOS updates?

    Obviously included, integrated CarPlay is best, but my current car doesn't have it, I'll make sure next definitely does though.

  2. andreyirra macrumors regular

    Oct 27, 2014
    yes, I have one actually.
    It Works out of the box. Beware of the White one because it doesn't suppport steering Wheel controls out of the box (I have a black one). It needs an update.

    The thing is, it runs as an Android app so you need to have an Android head unit.

    Both the app and the dongle are upgradable. You can find the firmware updates floating around (the original page is in chinese). I have never updated it because it Works out of the box and its perfect.

    I doubt Apple will block it: the processing and managing part is done in the iPhone, not the head unit. (It's different than the conventional method of plugging in your phone as a mass storage unit and the head unit does the job). If you take this into account, you will conclude that Apple needs to make it flexible and compatible because the iPhone will be updated more frequently than the car manufacturers head units (the dongle is just a normal head unit as far as the iPhone is concerned). If it gets blocked, what other original units would get blocked?
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